VW Classics for Blender

VW Classics for Blender 3D

This is a library of 6 classic rear-engine Volkswagen cars:

  • Beetle
  • Split window T1 bus
  • Bay window T2 bus
  • Wedge T3 bus
  • Karmann-Ghia
  • The Thing

(detailed model descriptions are supplied in the .blend file) It is ready for use with Blender 3D (or any other software – convert it yourself!).

The library is available under Creative Commons attribution-share alike. This license is full of creative freedom enabling, among other things, to make game content using these models. See the license page for details.

In this first release the models are kind of basic, but still usable in something like a game, action animation, multiple car lineup or what do I know! I intend to refine the models with interiors, more details and variants but I can't promise anything about subsequent releases. If you need one or more of these models in a more finalized state now, the perfect artist for the job would be me so just drop me a line. Same goes if you are pondering uses outside the BY-SA license.

Download here (.blend, 377 K)

Oh, and check out Sue Ellen, me and my girlfriend's T2 van that inspired all this!


Love VWs? Love Blender? Whole lotta love? Here's what you can do!

  • Use them – make a movie, a game, or put some car props in whatever you're doing. And don't forget to tell me about it, I wanna see what becomes of this, as well as any misses or bugs. Not that there are any ;-)
  • Improve – add interiors, “used” looks, add accessories, yearly model variations. If you make improvements that fit within this concept, I'd be happy to make them part of the “canon” on this page, but you can distribute them yourself if you wish. Just stick to the license.
  • Adapt – make animation rigs, cartoon versions (an all-VW version like the cast of Cars, how awesome would that be!), animations of cars crashing or blowing up. Endless fun.

Release log

  1. 2010-01-13
    Initial release
    Bodies, openable cab & back doors, engine hatches
    Front & brake lights
    VW monograms
    Stationary windows & window seals
    Wheels, hubs & hubcaps
    Note: the Bay got some extra love including vents, rear view mirrors, cab door locks and steering wheel. Just sayin.

Thanks to

VW Classics (r1).blend367.66 KB


Hallo Arru,
thanks for donating these cars to the public, I shall use the beetle in a short film about my wife ( of 30 years, soon) who got carted around Europe in one of these.
So I can concentrate more on presentiing other things in thsi film ( the marriage anniversary is approaching rapidly!
Tacks sa mycket!
Siegfried ( Wien, Österrike)

Great story

That's a great story, I'm sure she will enjoy the movie!

VW Models

Thanks for the VW bus model. Used it in our title sequence at 0:38.


Dude, Surfs Up!!!!

What a great set of models. I'm working on a 1960's beach scene which will greatly benefit from some of these models. Of course, the first change I'll have to make is converting the Split Window bus into a psychedelic Grateful Dead wagon. Having owned multiple Bugs, a few Karmann Ghias, a Type 3 Notchback and Fastback, as well as a 1943 Kubelwagon (the original "Thing"), your attention to detail is very good. I'm looking forward to checking them out in Blender.

Far out!

Be sure to post a link when you've got something!

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