A close look at the KORG MS-20 NAMM 2013 rumors

There has been some debate, though less than might be expected, about the supposedly leaked images of what essentially amounts to a KORG MS-20 reissue. I could tell you what I would like to see released by KORG too. But since my wishes a would have no influence (sadly) over what will actually be released at NAMM, in this post I'll stick to the facts - meaning what can be said by looking at the leaked images.

Finally a successful KORG MS2000 OS upgrade

There are numerous stories of KORG MS2000s being bricked by failed OS upgrades - the bricking is reversible though, it seems. Since the upgrade solves an arpeggiator MIDI timing issue, there's good reason to get it done.

Wikipedia: Teenage Engineering

Det här är en artikel jag slängde ihop om Teenage Engineering för wikipedia varvid den omedelbart raderades av någon hjälpsam figur. Men här ligger den tryggt, och det ska inte dröja länge innan TE blir så stora att wikikraterna mjuknar!

Teenage Engineering är ett företag baserat i Stockholm som sysslar med teknisk utveckling av produkter inom elektronik, ljud, design och underhållning[1]. Företaget grundades av bland andra Jesper Kouthoofd som även var med och startade Acne International.

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