Top ten Tangerine tracks

Short and sweet: my 10 favorite Tangerine Dream tracks. Consider these an endorsement of the half-century career of this band and, in particular, Edgar Froese.

Arvikafestivalens nya femårsplan: dra ner syntproduktionen, öka tjejimporten

Strax efter att ha sållat bort en äldre publik & artister med den stora synt-rensningen - inte formellt, men i praktiken är "gammelsynt" en generationsfråga mer än något annat - är det dags för Arvikafestivalens nästa steg: 50/50 av manliga och kvinnliga ”artister”. Steg på vägen mot…ja, vad ska de egentligen åstadkomma?

Top 50 of the 00s

Daft Punk's Discovery

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you: my top 50 of the decade we are just about to leave.
I started making a top 100 of songs I liked but soon realized that less than half, if even that much, was actual 00s stuff, the rest being 80s or late 70s music. And the same goes when only counting songs I heard for the first time during the 00s.

Album-loving artists should put their iTunes money where their mouth is

A recent Ars Technica piece reports that some pretty well-off artists want people to start buying albums instead of single tracks. No need to elaborate on this, artists have been discontent with not pushing enough filler tracks since the beginning of (legal) music downloads. Even before that, if I recall correctly.

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