Top ten Tangerine tracks

Short and sweet: my 10 favorite Tangerine Dream tracks. Consider these an endorsement of the half-century career of this band and, in particular, Edgar Froese.

Shout outs to the closet video artists behind these YouTube clips!

  1. Quichotte I+II Pergamon/Tangerine Tree vol 17 (live 1981)

    First western band to perform behind the iron curtain in Palast der Republik, GDR, which kick-started fandom in eastern europe lasting to this day. Perhaps by luck, or because they're awesome live, this recording represents Tangerine Dream's absolute peak – right in the crossing of the analog/Berlin school and digital/”Jarre” eras.
  2. Kiew mission Exit (1981)

    This anti-nuke anthem wasn't included in Quichotte. Perhaps the east german censors wouldn't approve the lyrics whispered in russian, or would they? With the cold war long gone (but lots of that crap still lying around all over the world), this song yet sends shivers down your spine.
  3. Love on a real train/The Dream is Always the same/Returning the Furniture Risky Business (soundtrack, 1983)

    The soundtrack for this awesome movie is perhaps the most widespread of Tangerine Dream's music, at least in the US. One of hundred-ish soundtracks produced by TD, as they often did at the time, some live melodies recur on studio albums, like this soundtrack.
  4. Force Majeure Force majeure (1979)

    This 18-minute track takes you on a ride through several different musical landscapes TD were traversing at this time. You'll also recognize Lana from a Risky Business love scene!
  5. Remote viewing Exit (1981)

    Haunting track that'll keep you traveling without moving – the last true ”Berlin school” track made by TD before the arena synth pop that came to dominate their 80s productions.
  6. Warsaw in the sun (excerpt from ”Barbakane”) Poland (live 1984)

    This out-Jarr'ing of Jean-Michel Jarre conjures up images of the swaying crowd in Solidarność-era Poland as the degenerate western music becomes yet another drop eroding the walls. Epic.
  7. Ricochet I+II Ricochet (1975)

    A solid Berlin school track, the connection to Klaus Schulze is evident even though they had gone separate ways a few years already.
  8. Rising runner missed by endless sender Cyclone (1978)

    Tangerine Dream's first experiment with singing, the beat poet lyrics, a mainstay of TD song titles, suggest why this hadn't happened sooner. Suggestive, or corny, your pick! They got it right in Kiew Mission, though, and the backing track holds its own.
  9. Logos part 1 (B)Logos live (1982)

    Nice, catchy example of TD's synth pop era. This track was remixed into Night flight by Jackpot, which shows how short the distance is from Tangerine Dream to 2000s dance music…
  10. Fassbinder Memorial Concert Tangerine Tree vol 5 - Frankfurt Alte Oper (1983-06-11)
    Another great live set (though it's at 10 instead of 1 for a reason), compared to Quichotte goes to show how rapidly TD were transforming into a 80s band.