Drupal blogapi improvements

Drupal's blogapi module gives users a nice clean way to post pages, stories and whatnot to their sites through various blog posting apps like Flock.
Besides some minor quirks, I've discovered two problems hampering these postings:

  1. Posts get the wrong language (when having a i18n multilingual site like mine)
  2. Blogapi posts get treated with the same security-conscious input filter as anonymous postings

The current system (Drupal 4.6.8 and its modules) do not allow this behavior to be changed. So I cooked up two patches for blogapi.module to save the day. The “fresh” version has both patches applied.

Note: remember to rename the downloaded module to its regular Drupal file name before installing

Ready-to-run patched blogapi module24.69 KB
blogapi-fresh.patch4.07 KB
blogapi-format.patch3.24 KB
blogapi-lang.patch1.7 KB