LOST island cartoon map

LOST island

Behold, the world of the TV series LOST. Or actually, just a small part of it but the most interesting – the island. I've boiled it down to a Pixar- cartoonish representation of major places and events, signified by various buildings and objects. It's intended as a cute backdrop, wall poster or basis for whatever LOST-fanfiction people can come up with, as it's CC-licensed.

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This project has been built quietly part-by-part on odd weeknights for…I'll have to check, but probably 6 months or so. Now with the season premiere finally in sight again (and some awesome merchandise just arrived from the ABC store) I decided it was time at last to publish a first revision!

As with the LOST mythology itself, this is very much a work in progress. I intend to update it both as more mythology items get done,
and as the series progresses. The image is Creative Commons licensed, so go ahead and use it as you wish (see below). I also intend to release an interactive Blender file, and probably the whole source model on CC as well.

Oh, and I cheated a bit: while the general shape of the island was derived from Danielle Rousseau's hand-drawn map, most other geographical clues are based on other fan maps. The specific location of the objects and places are far from disclosed on the show, so they're one part that's likely to change in future revisions. And suggestions are welcome!

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This still image, LOST island cartoon map, by Arru is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Sweden license.

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