Mac OSX theme for Blender 2.5

White Leopard Blender theme

Blender is great, even more so with the user interface overhaul in version 2.5. However, while in my opinion, the UI has improved both aesthetically and usability-wise, it's move toward an uncanny valley when compared to Mac OS X. This is probably well intended, and fortunately it means that there are just a few adjustments needed to make it harmonize very well with OS X.

So that's what I did, get it here!

I've chosen to make Blender's drop down menus look like the dock context menus instead of OSX's top menu bar, again to avoid uncanny valley issues as blender's menu layout is a little weird or at least very OSX-divergent.


You will need to install the Blender theme manager by Bart Crouch. Download a patched copy from this site as, unfortunately, the current version in distribution (1.3.2 as of june 2011) won't activate in OS X. Don't worry, a patch has been submitted!

Once it's downloaded, simply follow the instructions on to install and load the theme file.

Please comment on your impression, and check back here, I will most likely release one or another update as glitches are discovered while doing real work in Blender…

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